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Today we will be talking about one of the 16 personalities in the Myres Briggs personality test, an Advocate. The letters of an Advocate are INFJ which I will be talking about more in depth. In this article I will be talking about characteristics of Advocates, strengths and weaknesses, and friendships. Famous advocates include Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings. I hope you enjoy!

Advocates are people with the introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality traits. The advocate personality is very rare only making up 1% of the world. Advocates love helping people, but what they love doing more is getting to the roots of problems and helping people by getting rid of that. But advocates also need to remember to take care of themselves. Advocates are big on fairness, and while they know the world is full of inequality they believe it doesn’t have to be. They are likely to organize movements for things they believe to be right. And while soft spoken at times, advocates do stand up for the things they believe in.

So what are advocates' strengths and weaknesses? These are strengths that people with the advocate personality have: they are creative, insightful, inspiring and convincing, decisive, determined and passionate, and altruistic. These are some weaknesses that advocates have: they are sensitive, extremely private, and perfectionistic, always need to have a cause, and can burn out easily. Advocates are always trying to solve a problem they believe in, but do have some weaknesses that may make things difficult for them.

Advocates always want their friendships to be authentic, so won't go to many workplace gatherings to find friends, but will connect with people that have things in common and can develop a strong bond that goes deeper than “I work with you.” People who are friends with advocates will find that they like to connect through things they are passionate about and find interesting. While it is very hard to get to know advocates, they are able to see through people easily. They are also able to see people's intentions as well. Advocates are perfectionistic with their friends as well and look for people they can learn and grow with. But the probability that they find someone who is exactly like that and share every single interest they have is very slim.

Overall advocates are very passionate about their cause and will stand for what they think is right. Sometimes they can get unwanted attention because they can articulate what they think so well. Advocates can find hardship in being forced to do something that doesn’t align with what they personally want to do and are passionate about. I hope you enjoyed reading about advocates!

What is something Advocates do naturally?

  1. Stand up for the things they believe in

  2. Take care of themselves before others

  3. Neglect the things they believe in so they can fit in

  4. Have a hard time communicating what they are passionate about

What is one of the Advocates weaknesses?

  1. Sensitive

  2. Not creative enough

  3. Bad at being persuasive

  4. Gives up easily

What are Advocates like as friends?

  1. They like to connect through shared deep interests

  2. They enjoy talking about the weather

  3. They do not like to talk about things that matter to them

  4. They talk a lot about themselves


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