Makeshift Homeschool

Our Mission...

is to empower young people to achieve their potential.

Our Story...

began during the 2020 pandemic.

With a letter by our Co-Founder Joseph McPhail on Rethinking Childhood Education...

...that was later picked up by the education technology company GoGuardian who interviewed our team (Parts 1-4 below).

Our Approach...

is called the Creative Learning Process.

... The Creative Learning Process is a powerful new education model that teaches kids skills that are essential for leadership...

Self Directed Learning

Students using Makeshift Homeschool learn to direct their own learning so they don't need a classroom to learn.

Public Communication

Students learn to communicate effectively through writing, and public speaking at weekly meetups where kids share their progress on their unique projects.

Confidence through Success

Students earn confidence by creating value for other students. This gives them the drive to discover more and share with the world.

Our Principles...

address key challenges with traditional schooling.

We believe that there are five principles of learning:

1. Teach to problems not tools

2. No grades, iterate and improve

3. Share and learn with others

4. Build on strengths, interests and passions

5. Teaching is a great way to learn

In our experience...these principles allow kids to learn more far more effectively because their education experience is tailored to them and reflects how value is created in the real world.

We believe kids are one of the most undervalued assets in today's society.

Help us change that

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